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Effortlessly follow your mammogram screening plan. Now there's one less thing to worry about.
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Facing a breast cancer diagnosis and don't know where to turn? You're not alone. Avva Advocate puts you in control.
From the latest advances in treatment to stories of hope from survivors, an extensive video library at your fingertips.
The vision behind Avva

The vision for Avva came after several years of volunteer work at the Stanford Cancer Center, working closely with patients and a breast oncologist. After seeing the treatment experience firsthand, we set out to build a comprehensive guide that would help breast cancer patients navigate through their journey from diagnosis, through treatment, and into survivorship — a breast cancer map that a patient can look to at every step of the way. This breast cancer map will address many aspects of treatment: the medical component but also the educational, emotional, and social aspects as well.

Avva Advocate our first step on the path toward this vision. We continue to work closely with breast cancer survivors, patient advocates, nurses, and physicians to expand Avva into the comprehensive, all-encompassing "home base" for breast cancer patients that we envision.

The Avva team

We are a group of current and former Stanford and Harvard students who spent several years working directly with breast cancer patients at the Stanford Cancer Center and supporting family members touched by the disease. This experience opened our eyes to just how life-changing a diagnosis of breast cancer can be for a woman. Our team has made it a personal mission to help these women stay in control throughout their cancer journey.

Avva's advisory board

We have assembled a world-class advisory board. From leading breast specialists, to nurse navigators, to patients, our advisory board has been, and will continue to be, instrumental in helping us assure medical relevancy and the strategic direction of future Avva tools.

Dr. John Erban Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center
Dr. Erban is Clinical Director and Associate Director for Clinical Science of the Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center, and Professor of Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine. He has been practicing clinical oncology for over 20 years. Dr. Erban is a graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine.
Dr. Sean McBride Harvard Radiation Oncology Program
Dr. McBride is the Chief Resident at the Harvard Radiation Oncology Program. He has an MPH from the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. McBride is a graduate of Yale University School of Medicine.
Marybeth Singer Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center
Marybeth is currently an Oncology Nurse Practitioner and Patient Program Manager at the Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center. She specializes in breast oncology and palliative care. Marybeth is a graduate of the Boston College School of Nursing.
Jo Ellen Lezotte Medical Ombudsman & Patient Advocate
Jo Ellen has been a medical ombudsman and patient advocate for the past 11 years. She was the former president of The Cancer League, Inc. and has worked closely with the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Dr. Kathleen Ruddy Breast Health & Healing Foundation
Dr. Ruddy is an internationally recognized breast cancer expert. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the Breast Health & Healing Foundation and creator of the ongoing Pink Virus Project.
Dr. Joanne Perron Breast Cancer Survivor
Dr. Perron is an OB/GYN who received her medical training in Chicago and Los Angeles. Her patients' experience and her personal experience with breast cancer fueled her interest in assisting the Avva team.
Ken Toren Cancer CAREpoint
Ken Toren is Executive Director of California-based Cancer CAREpoint, a provider of one-on-one "personal assistance" services for cancer patients, families and caregivers. He earned a Masters of Education in Health and Human Services from Temple University. Toren has served as CEO of high-tech start-ups, later stage businesses and major non-profits as well as senior management of publicly traded companies.
Partner With Avva

Avva is expanding quickly and supporting more and more breast cancer patients every day. We are looking to partner with the people, organizations, and companies that share our mission of empowering breast cancer patients to help us continue our expansion.

  • Thought leaders in cancer patient advocacy. Join our growing list of Avva Experts who will be included in a searchable database easily accessible by breast cancer patients around the country.
  • Companies offering products that improve the lives of breast cancer patients and survivors. Connect with Avva Advocate users who browse and search for products that are highly relevant and useful at their current stage of treatment.
  • Foundations and organizations providing support to breast cancer patients. Help us spread the word about Avva Advocate to your patients and participate in our iterative design process to improve the app. We'll list you as one of our partner organizations.

For more information, visit the Partner With Us page.