See Avva Advocate in action.

Meet Susan. Among her friends, she is the organized one. Her cupboards are neatly labeled, the family calendar is meticulously planned, and her shoe closet...don’t even ask.

When Susan was diagnosed with DCIS several weeks ago, she was shocked. Me, breast cancer? It didn’t make sense. Like many women, Susan was overwhelmed with questions. How do I tell my family? Where do I learn about the disease? What treatment will be right for me?

But soon after diagnosis, Susan decided to take charge and apply her usual, organized self to tackling her treatment. If she can keep her career, finances, family, and every other part of her life neatly under control, why should breast cancer treatment be any different?

That's where Avva Advocate comes in. Susan heard about Avva through a close friend who found it helpful during her recent diagnosis. Avva Advocate was just what Susan was looking for – a simple, elegant way to prepare for her visits and keep all of the important information from her doctors organized and accessible.

In the videos below, we join Susan as she prepares for an important consultation with her surgeon. She's just had her biopsy and had a chance to discuss the results, and is now going in to discuss options for surgery.

Watch Susan prep for a visit.
Watch Susan use Avva during her visit.
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